Sunday, September 5, 2010

LG KP105 Sun lock unlocked!

              screenshots and logs 

COM13 [VCP0] selected
module  v1.78
Device: LG-KP105
Checking data, wait...
Action: "sp-unlock"
read unlock codes
Boot ...
Press and HOLD Power button now !
e-gold: 820000
next part...
boot answer: 01
Release Power button now
Boot Done
Set Baud ...
Set Baud Done
Connecting ...
flash: 0001:011A
Connecting Done
Check hardware ...
Check hardware Done
Check parameters ...
sw version: .01 ULC2GL DIGITEL KP105 KP105 P16 01  FL 63 V10a 515-05   FEB-0
Check parameters Done
backup critical area ...
reading eeprom-static...
file saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\Pana01\LG-KP105_eeprom-static_20100905-141102.B1E.bin
loading data...
data loaded
imei: 35794002687266900
reading eeprom-security_35794002687266900...
file saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\Pana01\LG-KP105_eeprom-security_35794002687266900_20100905-141104.B1E.bin
reading eeprom-complete_35794002687266900...
file saved: C:\Program Files\InfinityBox\Pana01\LG-KP105_eeprom-complete_35794002687266900_20100905-141110.B1E.bin
backup critical area Done
Check memory ...
loading data...
data loaded
code: 56210503
Finished, time used: 43 sec
Remove/Install battery now !
How to enter code? 
1. Insert accepted sim card and type 2945#*20001#
2.Go to menu>settings>security>simlock and enter code

While you wait ;)

l a o g s m

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